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Aims of NTM Network UK

Consolidate the multi-disciplinary expertise available to develop standardised, cost-effective methods and tools to identify NTM isolates, and to improve NTM infection and disease diagnosis and management.

Obtain multi-centre ethical approval to enable data collection and long-term projects to take place.

Standardise data collection within areas including clinical assessments, microbiology, immunology, radiology, health status/quality of life scores and outcomes.

Develop a harmonised database of NTM patients for clinical use and research analysis.

Develop protocols for data collection, clinical sampling, and sample storage (to include sputum, blood, laboratory and imaging data).

Evaluate the process and outputs of the research activities.

Propose new areas of research, activities and events for members to pursue.

Assess and support the development of collaborations and interactions within NTM Network UK, and with other research organisations and clinical groupings.

Work to make public health surveillance of NTM more robust.

Assist with resolving strategic level local and regional issues and risks.

Support the UK patient association, NTM Patient Care UK, in achieving its charitable aims.

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