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Completed Research

Articles for Clinical Medicine

NTM Network UK is currently developing a series of six Continuing Medical Education (CME) articles based around the theme of Respiratory Infection to appear in the journal Clinical Medicine. These articles will be published early in 2024 and cover the following topics: NTM pulmonary disease, extrapulmonary NTM disease, Aspergillus lung infections, endemic mycoses, parasitic lung diseases, and respiratory infections due to immunosuppressants & immunotherapy.

Management of NTM pulmonary disease: the first UK survey of clinical practice

NTM Network UK conducted the first national survey of NTM clinical practice in the UK between November 2020 and March 2021. Responses were received from 89 hospitals providing NTM-PD services in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and all English regions. The survey identified significant variation in how patients with NTM-PD are managed across the UK, including existing infrastructure for NTM diagnosis and treatment, and a lack of standardised NTM care pathways. The published survey results can be accessed here:

Survey of UK physiotherapy practice in the management of NTM pulmonary disease

The NTM Network UK Physiotherapy Interest Group conducted a survey between February and April 2022, to better understand the current physiotherapy management of people with NTM respiratory infection and disease. Responses were received from 52 respiratory physiotherapists who identified as being involved in the care of children and/or adults with NTM. The results highlight considerable practice-pattern variation and argue for national physiotherapy quality standards for NTM-PD, plus the necessary funding to support these. NTM Network UK’s work in this area aims to support physiotherapists, promote healthcare provider education, and ensure that people with NTM can access high-quality services throughout the UK. The survey results were presented as a poster the British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting 2022, which can be accessed here.


NTM nutrition survey

The NTM Network UK Dietetics Interest Group conducted a survey of NTM patients between July and August 2023, to gain insight into their nutritional needs and experiences. Responses were received from 42 patients, which are currently being analysed for dissemination and publication.​​

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