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Collaboration is central to NTM Network UK, and we work closely with all stakeholders involved in NTM research, treatment and care, and patient advocacy, both in the UK and internationally. This includes our sister organisation NTM Patient Care UK, the first UK patient association specifically for people affected by NTM. By bringing groups together, we facilitate data sharing and collaboration, and enable the Network to serve as a platform for the coordination, development and execution of research programmes with significant global reach that we believe will have considerable impact on both our understanding of NTM pathogenesis and clinical care.


The Network is always open to new proposals for research projects. If you have a project you would like us to consider for support*, please complete this form and submit to


*Please note that NTM Network UK is unable to provide direct financial support and so this needs to be obtained separately, if it is required. However, the Network will connect researchers and clinicians in order to facilitate data sharing, collaboration and multicentre study involvement. If specific funding is required for the project, we charge a fee equal to 5% of the total project funding for this service.


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