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Interest Groups

NTM Network UK has a number of Interest Groups focused on research in specific areas of NTM Management. To find out more, or to get involved with any of the Interest Groups below, please contact us.            
Nurse Form


led by Jennie Keane and Helen Dunning

The Nursing Interest group provide support and education across the nursing network to help treat and manage NTM patients competently and effectively. The group discuss current complex or interesting patients on our caseloads and offer advice for support. These discussions further leaning and improve quality of care and advice we provide to our patients and their families.

Organizing Medicine


led by Christabelle Chen and Jess Gadsby

The Pharmacy interest group have created Patient information for NTM medicines. This will be uploaded on the NTM Patient Care UK website. The Pharmacy group hold meetings where they share cases to increase education. One meeting involved a patient coming in and completing an interview with the pharmacists. Looking at it from a patient perspective. Recently, the Pharmacy have started an NTM drug monograph project.


Clinical immunology

led by Clare Sander

The Clinical Immunology interest group create useful guideline as to the role of immunological investigations in the diagnosis of  different presentations of NTM, to enable appropriate use and interpretation of these tests and identify case of rare underlying immune defects.


To guide which patients should be guided to an NTM MDT with immunologists present and which patients would benefit from additional immune modifying therapies.



Led by Zelena Aziz and Charlotte Cash

The Radiology interest group aims to develop a useable, potentially useful scoring method for radiology reporting of NTM patients. This group is moving towards a published reporting system which will hopefully be standardised over time.

Scientist with Microscope

Extrapulmonary NTM

Led by Matt Backx

The Extrapulmonary interest group was developed to highlight and improve understanding and management of the variety of extrapulmonary manifestations associated with NTM.

Work has been focused on trying to pull together the elements of extrapulmonary NTM across the different national reference labs.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Led by Lisa Morrison

The Physiotherapy interest group promote communication and networking between physiotherapists working within NTM-PD care. They promote education for all physiotherapists and facilitate collaborative research within NTM- PD physiotherapy. The Physiotherapy group aim to create and maintain collaborative links for clinical practice, research and education with other professional groups and interdisciplinary specialists working within NTM care.


Basic Science & Microbiology

led by Simon Waddell

This interest group focuses on building basic research collaborations with clinical, diagnostics, microbiology and drug discovery expertise. Member introductions, presentation and discussion about potential links take place at each meeting. Padlet site populated to aid discussions.

Nutritional Cooking


led by Dee Shimmin, Fiona Moore

The Dietetics Group hold presentations of findings from Questionnaire sent to all members to establish where members are working, clinical setting, adults/paediatrics, knowledge of NTM and nutrition and topics of interest. Majority of dieticians working within CF.

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