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Ms Lisa Morrison
Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, West of Scotland Adult CF Unit, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow

I have worked in Cystic Fibrosis care for 27 years encompassing both paediatric and adult care. I am responsible for the team of 5 CF physiotherapists providing holistic care for the 347 patients attending a Regional Adult CF unit. I have developed a research forum within the CF physiotherapy department and participated in successful teaching of junior members of staff. I have participated in the development of local, national and international guidelines into various aspects of CF care. I have direct responsibility for the physiotherapeutic management of all patients attending the regional CF unit, from transition through to terminal care. I am the Clinical lead for the CF/ respiratory unit and manage and supervise the highly complex respiratory patients, i.e. those frequently requiring ventilation or other complex therapies.

I am the current Chair of the NTM physiotherapy special interest group and will be contributing to NTM national standards of care an MDT approach.

I have recently embarked on a part-time PhD considering “The value of digital health technology and personalised care in adults with CF in the era of CFTR modulators”.

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