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What's new in the Network?

26 July 2023: For our NTM Network Summer Meeting, Dr Graham Hatfull gave NTM Network members a talk on 'Bacteriophage therapies for NTM' , to join this meeting sign up as a member and you will be sent a link!

21 April 2023: The NTM Standards of Care Steering Committee Meeting took place which  reviewed the standards that have been written by the different SoC groups. The Steering Committee consists of physicians, pharmacists, dieticians, microbiologists, patients, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, carers.

4 April 2023: For our NTM Network Spring Meeting, Dr. Jennifer Honda spoke on the 'Environmental approaches to NTM disease prevention'.

January 2023: Working on Standards of Care for NTM disease, working with an outstanding group which will help healthcare practitioners and people gain more knowledge on what standard should be expected when caring for people with NTM. There are 9 groups working on SoC:
- Person Centred Care led by Christabelle Chen
- Presentation of NTM Disease led by Matt Backx
- Diagnosis of NTM Disease led by Martin Dedicoat
- Multidisciplinary support led by Anne Dunleavy
- Treatment decisions led by Robin Brittain-Long
- Monitoring and Review led by Toby Capstick
- Research led by Steve Aston
- Extrapulmonary NTM led by Jamie Scriven
- Wellbeing and Prevention of secondary infection led by Victoria Singh

28 November 2022: Extrapulmonary NTM - The Story of M chimaera and Cardiac Surgery available to NTM Network UK members here
If you would like access to this presentation, please join the Network here

Developing NTM services: learning from our patients, ourselves & other conditions
Thursday 9th December 2021  12:30–17:00

Thank you to all who attended! 
Presentations from this meeting are now available to
NTM Network UK members here

If you would like access to these, please join the Network here

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